Monday, January 9, 2012

83 Stores That Give Discounts to Educators

I had to take a break from my Newbery book contender reviews to share this great resource I just stumbled upon with those of you who are teachers and/or educators.  A site named Brad's Deals has compiled a list of 83 businesses that give some kind of price break to teachers and educators.  A lot of them I knew about and already use--Barnes & Noble and Apple Computer and Jo Ann's Fabrics and such--but this list is MUCH more extensive than any I've seen before.  It includes not only education-related businesses, like bookstores and craft stores and computers and educational supplies, but stores that sell lots of other things as well--cell phone, clothing, travel, contacts, insurance, vacation sites, and even pizza!

I haven't checked them out, and the article doesn't say, but usually these discounts are also available for homeschoolers, at least in stores around here.  

Anyway, look over the list yourself here, and see if any of these resources can save you some money.

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