Friday, December 9, 2011

Curriculum Resource: Teaching Evolution

So if you are a family that doesn't believe in and/or doesn't teach evolution, then you want to skip this post.

But for those who do...

I found a great series of lesson plans about teaching evolution on a website hosted by Indiana University.  These lessons were developed for teaching high school biology, but the authors say that, with some modification, they could be adapted to either an advanced middle school or introductory college level class.

There are over 50 lesson plans or mini lessons that are available on line, along with some titles that I suppose they are still developing.  It is broken into two big categories:
  • Evolution Patterns
  • Evolution Processes
Subcategories under Evolution Patterns are:
  • Geological/Paleontological Patterns:  General
  • Human Evolution Patterns
  • Classification, Hierarchy, Relationships
The subcategories under Evolution Processes are:
  • Adaptations, Imperfections, Contrivances
  • Variation and Natural Selection
  • Speciation
  • Macroevolution
So it is a nice, comprehensive approach to the topic, it seems to me.  I haven't looked at all the lessons, but most of the ones I did read had an experiment or hands-on component.  Not all of them are suitable for an at-home science lab, but many of them can be done in a homeschool setting.

So check them out here.

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