Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FREE and Half-Priced Curricula at CurrClick Secret Sale

Shhhhhh CurrClick has a secret...
CurrClick, one of the largest providers of e-book and other online curricula for all levels and disciplines of undergraduate study, is having a Winter Whisper sale. The deal is that they have a "secret" page of FREE and half-price curricula that you can't find just by going to their normal website (like the links above), but only by having access to the special sale links. However, they encourage those who have access to the links to share them with their networks....it's kind of a "word of social networks" kind of sale.

The good news is that for those of you who didn't win the Hands of A Child give-away I had on my blog at the end of the year, you can get a free HOAC lapbook unit on Snakes by going to this page. There is another free lapbook unit on Amphibians from A Journey Through Learning, so you can combine them into a nice herpetology lesson. But my favorite on the Freebie page is a comprehensive set of forms that you can use for homeschooling record keeping....attendance, book lists, lesson plans, even high school transcript forms! Once again, click here to get to the special Freebies page.

There are also HUNDREDS of other curricular packages that are discounted to half price or so on this special sale page. For example, one that I just purchased was by A Journey Through Learning called "An Overview of the 19th Century (A Unit Study with Correlating Copy Work and Games)." Geared for upper elementary through middle school, it is the spine of American history in the 1800's. While I think it needs some supplementing for the middle school level, it has some great visuals and timelines and such that help the students link together the various aspects of this busy time in American history. This is exactly the kind of curriculum that I wouldn't necessarily buy at the full price of $17.00, but since we are studying 19th century history this year, it is worth the sale price of $8.50 to me not to have to go find all these timeline images and such on my own. But you have to go through the sale page to get it for this price (which I why I can't give you a link to go directly to this particular package).

Anyway, there is lots of good curricula at a really good price, so go check it out. But the sale is only running until January 19, 2011, so you only have about one week to download the freebies or buy the others at a discount. And feel free to forward this information to your friends, colleagues, or other networks. I know we can all use some bargains at this time of the year!

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